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Compliance & Audit

HR LiveWire provides a comprehensive Compliance process that audits entire HR universe activities in an organization ranging from Policies, Statutory compliances, Benchmark reports, Personnel Files, Data base, Payroll data, Performance reviews, Time office records, Bona fide letters, Process compliances, Vendor & contractors process review, Exits and so on.

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Policies Inception and Framework

Every organization needs to have a set of procedures which act as a guide to the terms and conditions of employment, governing guidelines, rules that define not only the behaviours to be exhibited but also what the company stands for in terms of its mission, vision, DNA, ethos and culture.

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Employee Engagement

An engaged employee is a motivated and a contributing employee. Employee engagement is the most crucial tool of talent retention and is of immense significance to any organization. After all an engaged employee not only stays longer but also contributes fully to the growth of an organization.

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Learning & Development

If an organization needs to scale up and remain relevant with the ever changing demand in skill sets and business scenarios, it is important that the workforce is adequately skilled and equipped to not only survive but also thrive.

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Organization Map

HR LiveWire helps to frame and implement your organization map by helping you draft mission and vision in alignment with business goals, build your organization structure, define roles and responsibilities for each position in the organization, outlay the governance model with responsibility matrix, define and frame competency framework.

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Rewards & Recognition

It’s a human want to be appreciated and rewarded for achievements as well as good job done. Thus, having a timely, efficient, fair and consistent reward & recognition program is important for employee motivation. It builds team work, competitiveness, motivation and confidence in employees. HR LiveWire not only helps to design Reward & Recognition process that is fair and consistent but is also motivating and rewarding.

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Talent Management

Managing and retaining talent is one of the key challenges in current corporate environment due to high degree of competition and too many changes in business scenario. HR LiveWire willl take care of talent management needs.

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Senior/Management/C-Level Staffing needs

Hiring is the first and most important stage of Employee lifecycle. It is necessary that the right resource is hired at the right time for the position. HR Livewire helps in identifying key talent by studying their availability and also designing the hiring process and strategies.

Go to Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

As per honourable Supreme Court’s Vishakha guidelines, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace guidelines needs to be well defined and communicated. HR LiveWire helps in documentation, establishing guidelines, communication, training as well as provides representation as external panellist of Internal complaints committee.

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Events & Fun Activities

An employee on an average clocks maximum time during the day at work so it’s good to have small breaks at work once in a while and spend it on fun activities. Since success is often achieved through team work, we want our employees to develop better working relationships. Fun events are good ice breakers and accelerate team spirit. These fun events are more successful if ample enthusiasm is generated and events are communicated effectively in advance.

Go to Communication skills & Business Etiquette

Communication skills & Business Etiquette

Communication skills & Business Etiquette are vital to building and maintaining business contacts and relationships. Each employee is a brand ambassador for your organization and so it’s relevant that each employee is able to communicate effectively. Those in client facing roles need to be fully equipped to handle cultural diversity and also possess requisite business etiquette.

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HR Livewire can help provide administrator to manage administration as well as set-up offices for businesses starting out at a competitive price. This will take care of teething issues and operational costs of setting up and running office. We have Escape ‘n’ Fly, a subsidiary of Thomas Cook, as our preferred travel partner to cater to your corporate travel needs at optimum rates.

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HR LiveWire has extensive experience operating as HR business partner supporting Talent Management and Engagement activities of many start-up as well as established global companies with operations in India. HR LiveWire team has proven experience across geographies, domains and industries. We have extensively worked with clients from US, UK, Europe, Singapore and Middle East and are well versed with unique cultural DNA of these regions. We are sensitive and well versed with diversity of each culture. Make us your preferred HR business partner and you will attain remarkable People success.

  • HR LiveWire team has proven experience across geographies, domains and industries.

  • Extensively worked with clients from US, UK, Europe, Singapore and Middle East and are well versed with unique cultural DNA.

  • Continually study the market trends to offer best guidance to our clients

  • Compliance & Audit conducted by us is thorough, comprehensive and covers all areas of HR operations.


Rita Kapoor

Founder & Managing Director
Rita is a successful entrepreneur and has over 40 plus years of experience in managing operations and administration. Her passion is developing new recipes, home improvement solutions for good living.

Komal Kapoor

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant
Komal has extensive experience of more than 17 years in Human Resources Development handling gamut of HR functions including Talent Engagement & Management, Strategic HR, HR Transformation and Talent Acquisition.


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