Employee Engagement


An engaged employee is a motivated and a contributing employee. Employee engagement is the most crucial tool of talent retention and is of immense significance to any organization. After all an engaged employee not only stays longer but also contributes fully to the growth of an organization.

  • Conducting Employee Engagement surveys
  • Interventions through employee interactions, skip interactions on regular basis
  • Personal counselling – Personal Issues, Loss, Bereavement, Addiction
  • Professional counselling– Improve performance of Average performers, Top Performers
  • Personality traits testing workshops for Leaders / Key stakeholders*
  • Handling harassment cases (sexual, mental, physical) as external representative
  • Grievance Handling, Conflict Management (Team, Manager)
  • Separations – Voluntary and Involuntary, Contractual
  • Learning Programs – Anti-sexual harassment, Women Safety, Soft-skills
  • Change management and strategic programs and events like drafting vision, mission and values